The names in RED are also Trustees

Chair - Charmian Hobbs

Hon Sec - Rob Gooderidge

I have been elected Hon sec at the 2012 AGM and hope i can successfuly follow in Alan cales footsteps. I’ve had an allotment at Riverview since 2000 and have been on the committee since about 2001 and a trustee for the last few years. I have been a vegetable grower since I was 7 years old and when I left school wanted to go and train as a gardener at Harlow Carr, at that time it was not regarded as an option for Ripon Grammar School and I trained as a historian. Ten years ago I went to the City and Guilds Gardening evening classes in Ripon, the garden history module tied into my training and I developed an deep interest in the development and history of kitchen gardening and top fruit.

TREASURER - Julia Ashmore

SHOW SECRETARY - Malcolm Hutchinson

It was May 1976 when I first rented allotment 21B on the Fisher Green site. Back in 1976 there was no waiting list, in fact it was how big or how many plots would you like.
In 1977 I became a representative for the Fisher Green site, a role which I held until 1982. From 1979 to 1981 I was the Fisher Green representative on the Harrogate Allotments Advisory Committee, in 1982 the R.C.A.S took over the administration of the sites in Ripon from Harrogate Borough Council, I was selected to be one of the five trustees for the self administration to go ahead, a position which I still undertake to date, in 1987 the allotments were back under thier rightful owner Ripon City Council.
In 1980 the R.C.A.S. began to look at reintroducing a Horticultural Show in the City, the Ripon Show had been disbanded several years previously, so the R.C.A.S got in touch with some of the known members of the original show to see if there were any cups or trophies which we could present when we reinstated the show, to which we were kindley donated several.
September 1981 we held our first show in the Hugh Ripley Hall with a total of 58 classes for the exhibitors to enter.
For the 1982 show I was elected as the Show Secretary a post which I have held to this present day.
Over the years I have seen the sites blossom from having vacant plots to the present time with all sites fully occupied. The Society has also grown in member numbers and strength due to the dedication of members past and present.

SALES & SEED SCHEME - Roger Satariano

My first allotment in Ripon was at Fishergreen [No 25] which in 1972 cost me 10 shillings [50p] a year. Currently I garden plot 47 at Kirkby Road which is conveniently close to the members shop which I help to manage. I became Secretary of the society in 1979 when the society's first secretary stepped down and in this role was involved in helping to set up the self-admin arrangements. I have also held the posts of Show Secretary [very briefly in 1981] and Treasurer. I was elected Chair of the Society when Lu Hollingworth decided to stand down. I decided to stand down as chair in 2019 and have now taken on the role as head of sales, making sure the shop is always well stocked & that the seed scheme is always good value and best quality.

My plot is 355 sq metres on which I grow vegetables, soft fruit and flowers. I rotate most crops except the soft fruit and asparagus which is in a well established and productive bed. Asparagus is probably my favourite crop as every April it provides the first fresh vegetables of the year and heralds much more to come. I don't grow many brassicas because club root is a problem. Also it's a bind to have to net them against pigeons. But I always plant sweet corn which is so much better than the shop bought product. I have a greenhouse at home which I use to start lots of the stuff I grow on my plot. Later on Tomatoes and Peppers take over the greenhouse. My favourite flower for cutting is the sweetpea which I cordon.

I can be contacted on 07852 436122 or at the members shop most Saturdays during the spring and summer.


Bondgate Green -

John Ryan(left), Gary Tulip(Center) & Andy Wrightson(right)


Stuart Wakefield

Phill Walters

Bryan Gilby

Bryan doesn’t like to talk about himself ! So when you fill your watering can in the dip tank......think of Bryan...…he keeps the water flowing for you. When you stroll down the grass driveway to your plot…it was Bryan who mowed the grass for you! Need help? Bryan will no doubt be on hand!

Let your plot ‘go to the dogs’….you’ll definitely meet Bryan then!

Love Daisy x (that’s me in the picture!)

Eric Kitchen

Angela Kitchen

James Bradley

Eric Lambley

By trade I'm a Business/Systems Analyst that has worked in IT in many different fields including telecomms, banking, insurance, military research and most recently for the NHS. I've been a keen gardener from an early age when my father introduced me to the delights of wild flowers and then allotments and the joys of growing your own food, and I always find it wonderful when something you've stuck in the ground has grown. The best advice I ever heard was from the late, great Geoffrey Smith, which was along the lines of "you put it in the ground, brown side down and green side up". When I'm not gardening or working you'll probably find me outdoors somewhere, just seeing what's around the corner.


ps, I've attached my stock photo as well.


Ted Myers

RIVERVIEW -Steve Harrison
Andrew Turnbull

I’ve had a plot at Riverview for some five years now, where I grow a mix of fruit and vegetables. It’s right by the gate but this does mean I get to chat to other plotholders as they come and go as well as passers-by as they lean over the wall and show an interest in what’s growing.

I was also very lucky to take over what had been a very well maintained plot with barely a weed in sight, so I feel a certain duty to keep it that way. There is always something to do on the plot, but nothing can beat the taste of freshly harvested fruit and veg.

In December 2017 I took over as editor of the monthly newsletter, the Spud & Slug. This keeps members informed of what is happening in the Society and generally has a mixture of news and topical advice.


Gary Tulip


John Ryan

As well as being a site representative for Bondgate Green, i am also a garden & food loving person who has a keen interest in the potential and power of the internet. The society was looking for a new website manager and i was thrilled to take on the role. I can be found to send a friend request to on facebook as ripon allotments(john ryan). Gary Tulip also one of the Bondgate Green site reps helps to administrate the facebook group called RIPON HORTICULTURE & HOME COOKED GRUB CLUB. so our great teamwork has been able to spill across into the virtual world too.

It is a great way of doing some allotment related work when its not possible, usually when its raining, something its seems to do quite a lot in yorkshire. If you have any web related question or have any old pictures and stories you would like to share please contact me here.Information

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